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Organise Your Mind This Autumn

Earlier this year, I read Derek Rydall’s latest book – The Abundance Project. Built on universal, proven principles, The Abundance Project breaks out of the unsustainable buying/consuming loop created by the mindset that fulfillment comes from outside ourselves. Instead, Derek Rydall talks about the infinite-sum reserve that’s already in us that will provide all that we need. Rydall teaches the laws of giving and circulation that will release the channels of abundance-creating energy in our lives through his Seven Gifts that Give You Everything; he helps us identify Abundance Blind Spots and Shadows that get in the way and so much more. This book taught me so much and ever since I read it, I’ve been practicing one on the gifts consciously and frequently– The Gift of Giving.

So now instead of waiting for my yearly spring-cleaning I’ve started organising and de-cluttering wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and rooms and giving away things I don’t need or use to charity on a regular basis. Its cathartic and I’m also creating more space and being productive with how I use my things.

So here I was last weekend organising, cleaning and sorting things around my flat and wardrobe and I had a crazy thought – what if I can go into my mind and go through the same process of de-cluttering – really understanding where things go, what their place is and if I want to keep something or not.

This got me curious and I started doing some research around it. One of my mentors and coaches I follow offered an interesting exercise and I really want to share it with you. I loved the outcome and the clarity I got after completing this tool so I’m going to take you through it too. However, before you try the exercise take a minute and think of an area in your life you could use some clarity on. It could be a goal you need to accomplish, or something you need to get rid of. I want you to go into your mind ask some powerful questions and finally journal the responses so you can organise your thoughts and take clean and purposeful action.

Exercise: Pick the area you want to focus on. As an example, my focus was on choosing my Masters Programme and thoughts around that.

When you find the area you want to focus on ask yourself - Are my thoughts around this area useful? Are they serving me, or are they just taking up space? Are they making it so I can’t breathe, so I can’t move around, so I can’t use the other thoughts?

In the words of Coach Castillo – “I want you to think about it as like tremendous clutter, and you need to lift it all up and look underneath and clean around and organise it in order to have the clean, fresh, minimal house that you want to be up there in your brain.

And then when you bring a new thought in, you bring it in carefully and purposefully and you make sure that it’s useful to you. I want you to think about your brain as a container of thoughts with a limited amount of fuel to think them. You want to get them organised, in order and deliberate; most of the time they’re just random, unfocused and overwhelming.

When you let your mind “go”, where does it go? What does it think about when you let it just think without direction? What are your obsessive thoughts? What are your habitual thoughts? Do you have thoughts that create desire for buffering? Where is your mind most efficient? Is your mind most efficient in creating over desire and creating procrastination and creating judgment, creating drama? Or is it most efficient when it comes for creating your future and coming up with new ideas and creating value for yourself and the people around you?

So the process is to clean out and organise your mind. What do you need to let go of? What is outdated and no longer useful? What do you not want to think about anymore? What needs to go? What do you want to fill your mind with? What do you want to use your mind power to create?

I want you to think about that. If you have limited mind power, what do you want to use it to create? Because it’s always creating something, most of you are just recycling thoughts and recreating the exact same life. And for many of you, it’s a life that you don’t want to keep recreating.”

My friends, I was blown away after doing this exercise. I worked on my particular goal clarification – just like I would de-clutter my flat, I was successfully able to de-clutter and remove the unnecessary thoughts and put the right ones that served me.

Tip: Remember once you ask yourself the powerful questions journal your thoughts to get the clarity you require. Visualisation or making a simple board with images also helps. Visualisation makes things memorable—and organisable—because they allow us to paint pictures and produce movies in our minds. They help us create order out of chaos by attributing a clear and tidy image to a piece of information. This in itself is a way of organising thoughts and data. It inherently forces order.

So my dear friends let me wish you a happy and productive Autumn. As we begin this new season, de-clutter and organise your thoughts and start Autumn with intention, flow, clarity and take massive action towards your goals.

I'm Poornima Nair, Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Founder of Live Authentic Coaching. If you are curious about coaching, interested in being nurtured, inspired and pushed to your edge, to discover and create the relationships, career, lifestyle, finances you are longing for, please reach out to me for a taster of what great coaching does to foster the clarity, mindset, qualities and skills that will allow you to breakthrough.

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