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30 Seconds with Nima

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coaching for posttraumatic Growth

mental Health Awareness week

practice self care with intention

take charge of your thoughts

find your life purpose

3 Health Hacks

difference between coaching and therapy

ideal under any circumstance

gratitude as an attitude

Finding the right life coach

Reframe failures as learning

take charge of your feelings

time management

Use positive language

empowering women through coaching

practicing gratitude

what to do when your feel helpless

reframe and reset your 2018 goals

finding flow

giving thanks

bmw strategy to combat stress

wheel of life


pause,reflect, redirect

using the word - yet

Ideal self

try something new

create your positivity baseline

using humour

don't let busy win

positive psychology interventions

international day of happiness

morning happiness

character strengths

get moving outside

three good things

nurturing relationships

body image- 1

body image - 2

savouring the goodtimes

managing time effectively



mental wellbeing of children

Choose a word for 2020

emotional makeover

posttraumatic growth coaching

re-framing your situation

proclaim your purpose

managing your anxiety

Building resilience

radical acceptance

changing the narrative of trauma

the "now step"

using humour to relieve stress

social inteligence

Vodcast with Coach Lyndsay Whitby



present moment awareness

facing fears

coaching series with coach Lyndsay

the power of venting

flexing the hope muscle

kaizen principle

habits to build resilience

expressive writing 

world mental health day 2020

staying positive in a negative news world

wellbeing strategies

name it to tame it

manage Stress & Overwhelm

building psychological capital

creating change

mindfulness self scan

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