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"When I came to see Nima I had a number of areas that I wanted to work on but I didn’t know where to start and couldn’t identify what was standing in my way. Nima skillfully helped me rediscover myself and what I wanted through unpacking patterns and behaviours which were being played out in many of my closest relationships, and helped me gain the awareness of how these were holding me back in multiple areas of my life. She was a wonderful balance of supportive and challenging, and invited me to use a number of incredibly helpful tools - some practical, some psychology and CBT informed - to help me take really important steps forwards in my life. Through the 10 months we saw each other I massively grew in self-confidence and trust in myself; I also gained a promotion, ended a longterm relationship, re-set boundaries in other key relationships, and made the decision to relocate. I’m incredibly grateful for Nima’s wisdom, care and energising spirit to navigate me through it all; I always looked forward to our sessions and could see shifts happening after each one. I genuinely wouldn’t be in the light and happy place I am right now without her."- B.B., Civil Servant, London

"Our sessions most certainly gave me the confidence and encouragement to start my own business, which is now taking shape. It challenged my doubts and beliefs and opened my mind to positivity in a way I could not before have seen. Thank you." - R.C., U.K - business owner

"I had a coaching session to support Nima's research study and I can honestly say Nima's coaching skills are impeccable. Not only did Nima intently listen it felt that she really understood my past trauma. Nima made me feel at ease straight away and kept checking on my wellbeing throughout our conversation. The session made me feel more positively about my nutrition than I ever realised. If you are looking for a professional who is insightful, knowledgeable, supportive, non-judgemental and a pleasure to talk to then speak to Nima." - N. C., U.K. -  research candidate for academic study

"I have been seeing Nima for a number of years now. Before we started our coaching sessions I felt overwhelmed by my various responsibilities as a mother and working towards realising my potential in my career. I felt frustrated by how overstretched I felt and how I was unable to find the clarity and space needed to truly look after myself. Coaching with Nima enabled me to set boundaries for and even with myself. My sessions with Nima acted as the time I could dedicate towards my own personal development. She really helped me create and protect the time I needed for myself and I always knew I had a strategic partner in her when discussing my goals. Nima has also helped me to recognise and seek help for the traumatic birth experience I had. I will be forever grateful for her insight and loving support." - A. J., United Kingdom.


"I found Nima at a time when I felt lost and stuck after stepping down from a more than year long business project. I contacted her because she specializes in PTG and I've experienced loss in my past. I remember when we first met and after listening to my situation she told me: "It's like you have a car in front of your house, but you don't get in and drive it. So for a while I'll be your co-passenger and we'll drive together until you're ready to continue on your own."  She is highly motivating, asks good questions, and helps you to discover your leaky thinking patterns that don't serve you. Nima was my first coach ever, and I couldn't be happier.  We had 6 sessions and I always felt that I moved forward according to a plan and had someone helping me, until I was ready to drive that car!" H.H., Entrepreneur, Estonia.

“Nima’s coaching sessions have turned life as I knew it, on its head! Feeling re-traumatised in the midst of a global pandemic, I was living in fear, lacking confidence and direction. During our first taster session, I felt an instant connection and safe enough to share my story.  Through my work with Nima, I have been able to identify my saboteurs but also my many strengths. Nima’s challenging approach challenged me to rethink my opinions of myself and my capabilities. We explored both personal and professional skills acquired throughout my life and looked at how we could apply them to my goals for the future. With Nima’s coaching, I have identified a clear plan to achieve my goals whilst taking care of my mental health and wellbeing along my journey. My biggest take away from Nima’s coaching is my ability to no longer shy away from things because I am scared of failure or rejection.  I now know my worth and what I am capable of and for that, I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend Nima." - J.D., United Kingdom. 

“I would like to say Thank You so much to Nima. During the six sessions, I learnt so much about myself. Nima has much expertise in really getting to the core of issues. I made huge discoveries about myself and I have seen my self-confidence and perseverance grow.  She is unique and very talented in her approach to getting through challenging struggles and problem-solving.  I have so much gratitude for meeting her, trusting her and for the most amazing journey.  Thank you Nima, I will never forget you and I feel very thankful for all that I have learnt and will continue to keep learning. Thank you for your time and attention and I would highly recommend Nima going forward.” - N.W., United Kingdom.


"I hope I can find the right words to adequately convey how much Nima's coaching sessions have helped me. When I approached Nima, I was at a point in my life where I was struggling to "move forward" with respect to certain family and professional decisions. Her kind and empathetic style put me at ease right from our first "taster session."Through the various tool and techniques, she used, as well as the challenging questions she posed, Nima equipped me with the frameworks to help crystallize my key decision- making factors, identify goals and also a plan of action to move forward towards achieving them. She provided great insights which really helped bolster my self-confidence in asking for and going after what I want. For anyone contemplating hiring a coach, I would highly recommend Nima and advise (using Nima's words) to trust the is really effective and powerful!" - K.G., Angel Investor, London

"I was introduced to Nima during a very complicated period of my life where I lacked clarity and self-belief to get me aligned and focused to move forward with my goals and life plans. I was going through a divorce, entering a new relationship, stepping down from my full-time job and launching a business - A LOT! Through my work with Nima, I've been able to work through a lot of the noise and emotional distraction to be able to focus on myself and start building the life that I actually want with clarity and self-empowerment. Nima's coaching style has helped me get into alignment not just in terms of my goals but also spiritually - she has helped me find grounding in chaos and not allow other people/circumstances to take power over me and keep me from pursuing my goals and building a life that I really want. She's an amazing woman, coach and human being!" - L.C., Recruitment Specialist, Johannesburg.

"I contacted Nima as I felt stuck with making future career decisions. Nima quickly got to the route and heart of the issue and we worked on far more wide-reaching areas of my life which are central to my functioning and happiness. She is hugely compassionate and kind, insightful, fun and brings light to the work she does. I had a trauma in my teenage years which I have spent much time and money exploring in many different types of therapy over the years. I don’t know how Nima managed it but somehow her open, curious and challenging approach allowed a shift in this area of my life which I had longed for and which has been life-changing. I couldn’t be more thankful for the care she took and her ability to hear and work with what really matters. I would hugely recommend working with Nima" - L.M., Teacher, London.

"Thank you for your time, attention, discussions and tools!! They will certainly be something great I'll take with me for a long time" - I.M., Developer, London.

“Nima’s coaching has helped me in a way that no testimonial can really ever cover but I’ll try. I worked with Nima on addressing issues that have been underpinning most of life - often leading to stress, anxiety and mostly in limited self-confidence. She is different to many of the other life and career coaches I have worked with both in terms of her style but also tasking me with practical steps to allow me to deal with and progress working through my issues. They have led me to understand some core personal issues that have underpinned my life and that now allow me to face and tackle in a measured and thoughtful manner. I am very grateful for all I have learnt and achieved through Nima’s coaching” - P.N., Banker, London.

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Nima, having had a series of sessions where we worked on both my personal and academic life. I found them to be extremely useful - giving me a renewed sense of focus, enabling me to look at the ‘bigger picture’ in terms of my end goal and the smaller steps that would help me to achieve it. Nima happened to start coaching me at a very stressful time in my personal life, her help enabled me to stay motivated, to focus on my assignments at a time that was extremely hard for me. I find it no coincidence that the academic assignments I worked on during this time were my best grades of the year – something I am very proud of considering all I was going through and trying to juggle at the time – thank you Nima." C.F, mother & student, London.

"I was lucky enough to be introduced to Poornima.  I was in a rut professionally, unemployed for nearly two years and not making much headway as a wannabe entrepreneur.  Working with Poornima has changed all that.  She helped me tap into unused inner resources to keep me moving forward along with helping me identify the saboteurs and triggers that can cause self-destructive behaviours.  In short, she helped me punch through a variety of obstacles (many of my own making), that kept me off the path of success.  5 months later, I have a start-up venture with 2 partners, revenue streams and an ever-growing list of happy clients.  I would not be where I am today without Poornima.  She has been instrumental in helping me move forward in life, both personally and professionally."  S.K., Entrepreneur, Boston, MA USA.


"Absolutely life-changing on a few events I had been struggling with and one I had been putting off. I highly recommend Poornima. Poornima got to the point and quickly and effectively. I have experienced great changes and look forward to another session." - P.R., London.


"Throughout the session, Nima’s expertise would guide me through reasoning on how my life experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. During each session, I managed to learn more about myself, my passions and my personality even more. Nima always empowered me, pushed me further in my thoughts." - Dina, Entrepreneur and mother of 2. London, U.K. Full Review here


"The coaching with Nima was hugely beneficial because I had been forcing me to look at my relationship with my partner in a completely different way.  By working with her I realised that for many years, I had been denying myself my own needs. I no longer knew what I wanted to in life and couldn’t answer life’s big questions, like ‘whether I wanted a child or not'.  It took some time for me to look objectively at how I should be moving forward and what decisions I should be making to take me back on track.  There were times that I felt that I was being pushed beyond what I was ready for, but in the end, Nima told me that ‘I could always go back; and that the main thing was not to stay still, but to move forward, - and at a pace that was right for me’. This helped take the pressure off and eased the anxiety of making the wrong decision. Even though the coaching was challenging, I am sure to discover in future that it will be one of the best things I have ever done.  I am deeply in gratitude to Nima, for her strength, support, never-ending generosity and wisdom".  D.K. Entrepreneur, London.

"From our first meeting, Nima made me think about what it was I wanted to do, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me, ultimately helping me find my right place. The weekly sessions brought me self-belief and hunger and that inspired me to get back on track and work on my skills. I've decided to change my career path, which in itself was totally overwhelming given the fact that I simply didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. Nima helped me see what was really important to me and worked with me so we could move in that direction. I highly recommend Nima." T.G., Mother of 3, London.


"Nima coached me after I was made redundant. She helped me to keep my confidence and self-esteem through the process but most importantly guided me to discover my personal and professional aspirations. I am extremely excited about my coming NLP sessions with her beginning after the summer. One of my previous meetings with Nima was an introduction to NLP and I can already apply it and see its benefits in specific situations. I would recommend all women lacking direction to have coaching sessions to with Nima to be able to discover their true self and find motivation in their future". D.L., Mother of 2, London.


"In the past few years, I have spent thousands of pounds and many hours on coaches who did not have any impact on me. When I met Nima and started working with her, I saw immediate shifts in the way I thought, felt and acted. She opened my eyes to realities hiding in plain sight. She was honest, open and did not hold back. Until I met her, I was comfortable in my mediocrity. Now I know what I am capable of, and each day I make that extra effort to achieve the heights I know I can reach. Nima helped me see the light, and I am eternally indebted to her for her insight, courage and support." - R.N, Executive, London.


"Nima has been a great asset I called upon during the growth phase of my business.  She helped me realign my goals to my values, and to clearly see the direction I wanted to take the business in.  Although I only booked an initial 6 sessions with her, I am sure I will be using her services again in the future.  I recommend Nima highly." - D.K - Director, London.

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