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Dealing With Mother's Guilt

Parental guilt is real and like many mums out there it’s been something I’ve had to deal with for a long time and work really hard to overcome. I’m a mother of a teenager. My daughter is 14 now but most of my life I’ve been racked with guilt that I was not there for her enough and feeling that my best wasn’t even good enough.

Psychology Today says: Guilt is an emotion, not a reality or a life sentence. Guilt arises when we become aware of failing to be the best we could have been for our children. It comes and goes and can be mild or debilitating. Guilt tries to tell us something is wrong and needs to be corrected. If it isn't faced it will turn into shame, a feeling of worthlessness and a negative sense of self.

Listen to this Podcast to know more about mother's guilt, top ten things mums feel guilty about and 5 tips on how to separate the unproductive and unearned feelings of guilt from the kind that helps us improve.

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