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Time Management

Belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope all mums had a fantastic Mother's Day yesterday.

I'm so excited to be here this morning and write this post as I'm introducing my first ever podcast here. Through my blog and podcasts, I really want to put as much quality and good information out in the world as I can. I work directly with clients, but there are so many who are not ready financially or otherwise to come into 1:1 coaching. So this is my way of reaching out and putting useful information out in the world and I really hope it finds you at a time and place it can benefit you.

Episode no. 1 - Time Management

This topic of time management has been coming up a lot lately in my sessions. Time is the most important asset that we have in our lives.

Unfortunately, most of us do a poor job on staying focused and managing our time properly. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the freedom of planning, time high-jackers and the most effective way to manage your time. In the wise words of Jim Rohn - "Either you run the day or the day runs you."

Listen to my podcast Here

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