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Empowering Women Through Coaching

March is a perfect month to celebrate women. It’s International Women’s Day this Thursday. Its also Mother’s Day on Sunday in the U.K. This week, I will be involved in a couple of events for International Women’s Day and I’m so excited. On Thursday I will be volunteering at the M.A.D – Make a Difference Event in London (reaching 1 billion women and girls by 2020) led by Aspire. Aspire is an internationally recognised and award-winning leader in leadership events, research and coaching for women who are leading change in their lives, workplaces and communities. I can’t wait for Thursday to be a part of this movement.

Last year, my friends, I turned 40. In the run up to my milestone Birthday, I asked myself some powerful questions. “How am I going to live the next 10 years of my life? How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to? What am I going to stand for from now on? What is my legacy and what do I want to leave behind when I leave this planet?”

My twenties brought me exposure – my big move to New York City, it brought me my first job, introduced me to my loving partner and gorgeous daughter. I enjoyed freedom, fun and adventure. I was young - exploring and living.

My thirties brought me a hunger for learning – I grew tremendously both in my personal and professional life. It brought me closer to my values, shifted my belief systems and showed me that no matter what my past, I can truly be who I want to be. I became an avid runner who raced over 40 half marathons, an ardent advocate for women, a social entrepreneur, a mentor for women entrepreneurs, and qualified as a life coach and NLP practitioner.

In this decade I want to truly start living my life purpose – empowering women through coaching and changing lives one person at a time.

My friends, this month I want to celebrate all women, make coaching more accessible and offer something special.

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I’ll leave you with this quote by Mary Angelou - "I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that's me." Happy Mother’s Day and Happy International Women’s Day, my lovelies. Be the Best You!

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