PostTraumatic growth 


I am passionate about the topic of Posttraumatic Growth within the discipline of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Posttraumatic growth is the study of transformational growth after undergoing highly stressful life events. This phenomenon can be both a process and outcome and can manifest in different domains in a person's life. My research interests focus on this area and here are two papers I have written on this topic:

Portfolio - Academic Research Paper on the Personal Use of Two Positive Psychology Interventions 

The Phenomenon of Posttraumatic Growth

Posttraumatic Growth and the body: Within Posttraumatic Growth, my interests lie in understanding the role of the human body post-trauma and studying the role a positive body can play in the facilitation of growth. I am passionate about researching the role healthy body behaviours like positive nutrition, physical activity, and sport can play in the process and outcome of growth after trauma. My MSc dissertation focuses on posttraumatic growth through the embodied approach of positive nutrition (MSc Research).