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Episode No. 1 - time Management

Time is the most important asset that we have in our lives.

Unfortunately, most of us do a poor job on staying focused and managing our time properly. Listen to this podcast to learn more about the freedom of planning, time hijackers and the most effective way to manage your time. 

EPISODE No. 2 - creating a powerful vision board

A vision board is a powerful way of achieving clarity around the life you want to create for yourself. By choosing a series of powerful, meaningful images and affixing them to a display that you look at multiple times every day, you focus your attention on what matters to you most and make that your destination. Making a vision board helps you attract into your life things that you want to have, to experience, to achieve, or to become. By surrounding yourself with images of the life you want, you cause your life to shift and move in the direction of matching those images. Listen to this podcast to understand how our brains work, what vision boards are and how to create an epic one to manifest your dreams, goals and aspirations. 

episode no. 3 - how to achieve your goals

Set your goals from a place of fulfillment, values and alignment. Know your what and why and intentionally set goals. Once you have your goals in place use these steps to achieve them. 

Step 1 – Find your motivation.

Step 2 – Break down your goals.

Step 3 – Develop a strong support system.

Step 4 – Use positive language when you talk to yourself.

It’s all about the journey, so remember to have fun achieving your goals. Listen to this podcast to help you achieve your goals.

Episode no.4 - how can nlp benefit yoU?

Are you curious about Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Have you heard this term at work or listened to a friend talk about it? Are you wondering if this is woohoo or think you might benefit from it? If you are intrigued and curious to know more, do come along to this workshop on An Introduction to NLP and its Benefits.

In this workshop, you will get an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, get motivated, get curious and discover something new. Learn brand new techniques and strategies that you can apply in both your business and personal life.

If you are curious and want to know more, listen to this podcast to understand the concept, benefits, tools and application of NLP and how it can change your life. Don't miss it!

Information on how to sign up to the NLP workshop:

episode no. 5 - dealing with mother's guilt

Parental guilt is real and like many mums out there it’s been something I’ve had to deal with for a long time and work really hard to overcome. I’m a mother of a teenager. My daughter is 14 now but most of my life I’ve been racked with guilt that I was not there for her enough and feeling that my best wasn’t even good enough.


Psychology Today says: Guilt is an emotion, not a reality or a life sentence. Guilt arises when we become aware of failing to be the best we could have been for our children. It comes and goes and can be mild or debilitating. Guilt tries to tell us something is wrong and needs to be corrected. If it isn't faced it will turn into shame, a feeling of worthlessness and a negative sense of self.


Listen to this Podcast to know more about mother's guilt, top ten things mums feel guilty about and 5 tips on how to separate the unproductive and unearned feelings of guilt from the kind that helps us improve.

episode no. 6 practicing courage with intention

This is Mental Health Awareness Week, so today I want to talk about how we can set intention and practice courage. This is a particularly important topic as we all find ourselves having to deal with different situations everyday that require courage. 

Dealing with mental health issues, talking about it and going to seek help for that takes courage. This Monday for the first time in my life I wrote in my blog about my battle with PTSD and my survival. It was tough writing about it on a public forum and I had to practice courage with intention. 

Our courage is on display everyday. Courage is required when asking your boss for a raise or leaving your job to go pursue another dream, having a serious conversation with your partner or dealing with issues your children bring up…. Every single day we are faced with moments where we need to demonstrate courage. 

My friends, courage takes intention. Courage takes guts and grit. And courage takes practice. In today’s podcast I’m going to offer you two tips, yes just two, but they are so powerful and if you practice them daily with intention, it will be a game changer for you. 

More information -

Book referenced in the Podcast -Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better by Pema Chodron

episode no. 7 - developing your morning routine

Starting your day with some intentional focus about how you want to embrace the day not only gives you a strong sense of empowerment and control – it allows you to actually CREATE your day to be whatever you desire.


The thing is how you start the day impacts your entire day. You will accomplish a lot more and ENJOY it all if you start your day from a place of being PROactive rather than Reactive. In addition to this, a morning routine will create opportunities for growth in multiple areas of your life.

You can set your own morning routine. Most routines are based on each person’s individual needs and values. Some people like to practice meditation, others do affirmations, breathing practices, yoga, a workout, or even journaling. It also really depends on how much time you actually have to do the routine before everybody else wakes up. If you are an early riser and like to get a workout in and you feel this serves you then by all means go for it. If you don’t have that much time you can set a routine that is short yet powerful.


Like I said starting your day with some intentional focus about how you want to embrace the day not only gives you a strong sense of empowerment and control – it allows you to actually CREATE your day to be whatever you desire. At the later part of this podcast I will share my 15 minute morning routine with you but before that I would like to offer you a few helpful things to think about and incorporate whilst designing your morning routine.

Listen to this podcast to get some useful thoughts on what you need to think about before designing your morning routine. 

Link to Tony Robbins Priming Exercise Here

episode no. 8 - effective tips to succeed as a mumpreneur

The word 'mumpreneur' was added to the sixth edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011 - a tribute to the growing numbers of women in the UK who regularly don two hats, one as a business-owner and the other as a mum, usually with young families. According to research released in 2014, the UK is home to more than 300,000 mumpreneurs who contribute as much as £7.4 billion a year to the economy. I'm very much part of this group and so proud to be called a mumpreneur.

There really is no reason why you can’t be a kick- ass, woman boss mumpreneur and an incredibly awesome mother to your kids all at the same time. Listen to this podcast as I offer six effective tips on how you can succeed as a mumpreneur.  Even though I’m focussing on mumpreneurs in this episode, I really don’t see any reason why you can’t use these tips even otherwise as a working-woman or somebody just pursuing their passion and growing their business. 

Scroll up to listen to other episodes referenced in this episode. 

episode no 9 - finding and following your passion

What is passion and how is it connected to your purpose? Passion is a force that awakens you. It blows the lid off your imagination, your capability and your drive. It shakes your mind off from limiting beliefs. Passion is what gives you purpose and is the force that pulls you forward. 


The idea of Finding and Following your Passion sounds amazing but seriously following your passion daily is an incredible task and takes some serious balls. Through this episode I will try and put some pieces together so you can move forward daily and get some of your passion into your life. I'll also take you through a few exercises like Peak experience so you can first find out what you are passionate about in life. Once you find your passion I'll offer you useful tips on how to live your life daily from a place of passion. 

Episode no. 10 - 3 practical self-care tips that can change your life

The word self-care has been getting a lot of traction lately. It’s one of the latest buzzwords – we hear about it so often but very few of us actually practice it. When we hear the word self-care our minds automatically go onto images of long baths and candles, rose petals and spa treatments. It's great to make time for the long baths and massages but sometimes its really tough to get that going frequently.


Like many of you, I am a working mum, I work for a Foundation, run my own coaching practice and I struggle like many working mums to find time to take care of myself. But mental and physical wellbeing is really important to me. I’m a big believer and advocate of self-care and I’ve been consciously and religiously taking care of myself.


So if you want to go beyond the bubble baths and massages and really see how you can make self-care a priority in your life daily, do listen to this episode. I will to offer you 3 simple tips that can change your life. It has for me.

episode no.11 - can we stop being perfectionists?

For a large part of my life I had been a perfectionist. I lived with this self-limiting belief that whatever I do in life I need to be perfect at it. And believe me that’s simply how I had been living.


The older I got and the more I did thought and change work with my coach my perspective and self-limiting belief changed and I started realising that being perfect was just holding me back. I now work with a lot of clients and women in particular where I see them wanting things to be perfect. The result – they are not able to move forward and are stuck.


In this podcast I talk about 2 tips that can help us move from being perfectionists to doers and go-getters.

episode no. 12 - recognising healthy and unhealthy thoughts

My first introduction to thoughts – unhealthy and healthy ones came a few years ago when I started working with a professional to help me with change work. I had assigned a lot of my “failures” to events, circumstances and people in my life. It felt easy to be a victim and blame external situations. The society I grew up in attached a stigma to mental health and change work and when I finally gathered the courage to go and seek resources to help myself, I realised it changed my life.


My shifts and breakthroughs motivated me to take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions and to do bigger and better things. It brought me closer to my life purpose of creating change. To quote Barrack Obama – “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Listen to this episode for more. 

Episode no. 13 - is your anger serving you?

Dr Christine Blasey Ford is white, upper middle-class, married and highly educated. She was calm and demure. She was visibly shaking yet steady. She could afford the therapy that helped document her psychological past. She had a support system and the means to hire a lawyer. Yet she was not believed.

Now imagine if you lack even one of these qualities. Imagine if your behaviour or your voice or your face or the life you live  doesn’t perfectly match what is demanded of the ideal victim. My question my friends is what would your chances then be of being believed?

I’m angry. I’m angry that victims of sexual assault are not believed. I work in the mental health space and I am angry how every single day people with mental health issues face stigma. I’m angry about gender inequality. I’m angry about gender pay gap. My list goes on. So in today’s episode, I want to talk about anger and see how this emotion can serve us.

episode no. 14 - practicing mindfulness

I’ve had a challenging few days, handling some tough situations - lots on my mind and some days I've felt really down. So as I opened my laptop yesterday to start getting content in for this episode I was lost. 


So I ran this morning as I usually do and really thought about everything. My runs are a great time for me to process my thoughts and often when I need to sort something out I set an intention to work on it whilst I’m running. And today I did just that. 


So I’m running and really focussing my run – I’m in flow, the pace is awesome and I feel so connected with my mind, body and I love how present I was able to be. That’s when it comes and the topic couldn’t be more clearer and more relevant – Mindfulness. 


Mindfulness is observation without criticism. When unhappiness or stress hover overhead, rather than take it all personally, we learn to treat them as if they were black clouds in the sky and observe them with friendly curiosity as they drift past. Mindfulness allows us to catch negative thought patterns before they tip us into a downward spiral. It begins the process of putting us back in control of our lives.


Listen to this episode for more. 

episode no. 15 - Living my purpose

I was introduced to the concept of life purpose when I started my coach training in early 2017. In my first training session, I was initiated into the concept of values, meaning and fulfillment. That period had a powerful impact on my life, an “a-ha moment” as we call it in coaching terminology.


It inspired me to ask myself these powerful questions – What hunger am I here to feed? What impact do I want to make in this world? What will my legacy be?


Listen to this episode as I get very personal and offer a glimpse into my life and journey so far. As I get ready to start my Masters Programme in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in January, I want to share how three 3 pillars – life purpose, empowering women and mental health and wellbeing are paving the way to my growth and future


I hope this episode inspires you to think more about your life purpose and get curious on what hunger you are here to feed.

episode no. 16- setting strong goals for 2019

To set strong goals for 2019, I want to offer you a series of questions. They are introspective, and you’ll need to spend some time thinking and then writing the answers down. So for this episode, you’ll need to have a sheet of paper, a pen and a quiet space to work.  I want you to take this opportunity to really take stock of your life, get connected with your values, get focussed on your goals and create a plan to achieve them.


Step 1: Make your “I Have Done” list for 2018. Include your accomplishments and the things that you feel best about having done. Remember they don’t need to be typical goals.


Step 2: Using the above accomplishments this year as a guide and the values list we used before, to help you understand what’s most authentically important to you, please write down your top values.


Step 3: Rank your top five values in order of importance to you.


Step 4: What does expressing these values look like on a daily basis? Brainstorm your values in action.


Step 5: Sit down with your daily schedule and calendar and re-organise your life according to your values. Start with the first 3 months of 2019. Identify specific times every day that you will do the things that really matter most. Add those most important things to your schedule first, and build the rest of your life around them.


Listen to the podcast as I take you through these steps.

episode no.17 - Developing keystone habits

A keystone habit is a very special habit. It’s one single powerful habit that touches many aspects of your life. Developing one keystone habit can lead to the development of multiple good habits. They start a chain effect in your life that produces a number of positive outcomes.


A keystone habit is no more difficult to form than any other habit, yet it provides the most benefits. According to Charles Duhigg:


They extend small senses of victory - By completing a keystone "habit loop," as he calls it (cue - habit - reward), we're filled with a sense of accomplishment. It's a small win that we can then build from, acting as the foundation for a successful day.


They act as the soil from which other good habits grow - When we complete a keystone habit loop, we're more inclined to engage in other good habits. For example, when we exercise, we're likely to drink more water, take a vitamin, and eat healthy meals.


They provide you with energy, confidence, and the momentum to achieve more - As the keystone habit becomes solidified in our daily routine, it helps to build momentum. When we see progress in one area of our lives using a keystone habit, it creates a platform to engage in far more.


Setting a keystone habit this year can be game changing for you. Listen more on this episode.

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