June 16, 2020

In these extraordinary times, consider if you agree with any of the following statements:

My priorities have changed.

I now know what's important to me in my life.

I value my life and the ones of those dear to me.

I can better appreciate each day. 

Today’s post on Appreciation of Life is the fourth part of my Post-Pandemic Growth series, based on the phenomenon of posttraumatic growth. The Posttraumatic Growth Inventory created by pioneer researchers Tedeschi and Calhoun, show “authentic” personal growth in different dimensions including personal strength, relationships and finding meaning. The focus today will be on the domain of Appreciation of Life post-trauma – a greater acknowledgement and value for all things life has to offer, be it large or small, perhaps things, experiences or relationships that were once taken for granted. Undergoing trauma often allows individuals the opportunity to see life as the gift of a second chance and one they often realise should be deeply cherishe...

May 18, 2020

Last year, I started watching a TV series on Prime Video called New Amsterdam, a story that revolves around a public hospital in New York City. I am more of a crime drama/thriller type person and this series honestly didn’t feel like a fit, yet somehow I got hooked onto it. The main character of New Amsterdam, is the medical director of the hospital Dr Max Goodwin who is the kindest person I’ve ever seen, well at least on TV! His punch line is “how can I help?” Of course, keeping in mind that this is TV drama, I’m still hooked episode after episode and I think the reason is I’m in awe of the message the series depicts – Kindness Counts. Whilst crime thrillers still keep me on the edge of my couch and pumps my adrenaline, New Amsterdam shows me that we need to make the world a kinder place through good deeds, favours and helping others. And, that perhaps is the best message in this pandemic era.  

This week (18th – 24th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week in the U.K. and the theme...

September 17, 2018

Earlier this year, I read Derek Rydall’s latest book – The Abundance Project. Built on universal, proven principles, The Abundance Project breaks out of the unsustainable buying/consuming loop created by the mindset that fulfillment comes from outside ourselves. Instead, Derek Rydall talks about the infinite-sum reserve that’s already in us that will provide all that we need.

Rydall teaches the laws of giving and circulation that will release the channels of abundance-creating energy in our lives through his Seven Gifts that Give You Everything; he helps us identify Abundance Blind Spots and Shadows that get in the way and so much more. This book taught me so much and ever since I read it, I’ve been practicing one on the gifts consciously and frequently– The Gift of Giving.

So now instead of waiting for my yearly spring-cleaning I’ve started organising and de-cluttering wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and rooms and giving away things I don’t need or use to charity on a...

June 18, 2018

This January as I sat down to make my 2018 goals from a place of values, fulfilment and alignment, I made a strong pact that I would stretch myself and take massive action daily towards accomplishing my goals. And even if that meant sitting in some serious discomfort and failing miserably in the process. The other thing I told myself is that I would review where I’m at midway, say around 6 months rather than wait till December and then look back. Yes, I know very coach like! So last week, I put on my growth mindset hat and did my own appraisal.

My friends, I discovered that I made 3 powerful changes this year, changes that have impacted my life in a positive way. I’m going to share them with you as they have been so empowering for me. Perhaps you can read this post and see if you want to pick one, two or all three and try them out too in your life as we step into the second half of 2018.

Change 1 - I started owning my wins in a really powerful way: Earlier on this year, in one of my post...

May 20, 2018

I have a big confession to make. For so many years of my life, I had been a people pleaser. I grew up in a society that conditioned and raised me to please every single person - family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and even random people. From my childhood, I got into this pattern of pleasing people and I have to say that it severely crippled the way I was living. It took me such a long time to understand this and start training myself to start saying NO to others so I can say YES to myself.

This is pretty powerful stuff and one of the reasons I want to bring this out here in the open and talk about it more is because I find many people in a similar situation. Think about this – How many times have you lied and said yes to doing something when you didn’t want to, but you did it anyway to please the other person? Take a moment, close your eyes and recall the last time you did this? What’s coming up? So, if you are a people pleaser and a really good one at that, then read on.

My frie...

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